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Achieve Health & Beauty

In addition to practicing internal medicine, Dr. Hamilton focuses on individual’s nutritional needs to optimize their health, fortify their immune system and increase metabolism. Achieving this level of health will also maximize one’s natural beauty through transformation of their body and skin. Dr. Hamilton’s goal is to address any internal health deficits while improving the individual’s external appearance and addressing the aesthetic needs of our patients.

Achieve Health& Beauty offers specific programs for weight loss and health management which include nutritional supplementation, hormonal therapeutic manipulation and body contouring procedures. Dr Hamilton has developed programs to assist patients with symptoms that often prevent patients from feeling their best to achieve their desired transformations by utilizing bio-identical hormones and aesthetic procedures such as tumescent liposuction. Dr Hamilton has been practicing liposuction since 2011 and has had successful results with excellent patient satisfaction.

Feel free to come and visit our spa area which includes other aesthetic procedures such as massage therapy, personal facial profiles and skin analysis performed by a licensed massage therapist and aesthetician.