For Physicians

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Here at HMS Health and Wellness Center we value our referring physicians and work closely with you to provide a timely and accurate diagnosis for your patients. We are always available for direct consultation, and we encourage referring physicians to contact us when they find it beneficial to discuss an individual case. If you would like to speak with us regarding any patient referrals or particular programs please call us at 832-767-1245 or contact us via email at If you have materials that need to be faxed to our office, please use this fax number 832-767-1823 and we will direct the items to the appropriate department.

This is what you and your patients can expect from us: rapid scheduling and turnaround times for procedures in addition to exceptional patient care. We appreciate working with you and your patients to provide excellent gastrointestinal services for all patients referred to us. Please feel free to contact our office at 832-767-1245 for any concerns or needs. Thank you in advance for your referral.

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